Past Student Success

Two Bridges School Post-16 Transitions ? where are they now?

Students at Two Bridges School are encouraged to follow their ambitions and raise their aspirations through bespoke career education and guidance.

Young people at Two Bridges School are supported to identify the pathway that best fits their individual skillsets and capabilities. Students have opportunities and support to explore their personal goals to find the best pathway to their chosen careers. Nearly half our students decided that full-time education was the best option for them and will be successfully completing their chosen courses despite the challenges of online learning. Full-time education is not the only option available, and many students decided that they wanted to go into the world of work.

2020 has seen a global pandemic which impacted the plans of many school leavers when their apprenticeships and job offers fell through as businesses adjusted to National Lockdowns. However, the young people at Two Bridges School rose to the challenge and used the support available in the Transition Programme to adapt their plans. Mass closures of businesses and industries created an incredibly competitive job market this year. Despite this, 24% of young people from Two Bridges School went on to apprenticeship ? that?s three times more than the national average! A further 28% of our young people secured work with vocational training, fifty percent more than was seen across the UK.

Two Bridges SchoolNational Average
Full-time Education 40% 63%
Apprenticeship 24% 7%
Work with vocational training 28% 18.5%
Working with support agencies 8% 11.5%
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