School Dogs


Duchess is the KS4 School Dog. She is a valued member of our school community and always knows instinctively if someone needs a moment to pet her, some time with her nearby or a run around the garden.

She is well mannered and enjoys popping into lessons, meetings and often joins students for some fun in the garden at break times.  Her instinctive ability to be attentive just when someone needs her is amazing.

Duchess is fully insured and risk assessed to ensure she is a safe positive member of our community and has had a huge impact on the wellbeing of staff students and our visitors.  Signs alert visitors to her being on site and we always check people are comfortable with her being around them before they come in.


Mia is the Vision School Dog.  She is bouncy lively and loves to have fun with our Primary students and visiting staff. Signs make people aware she is part of our community and visitors are always asked if they are comfortable with her being around them.

She features in two Primary Focus guide books which remind pupils about thier visits to Primary Focus and the strategies they have worked on with their zones of regulation and catch me cards.  She helps pupils remember all the people activities and places involved in our Primary intervention.

She is very well trained and enjoys playing at break times as well as barking a small alert when the gate opens just to make sure everyone is safe.

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