Key Stage 4 Support

For some students a longer-term solution is the key to their success.  We provide GCSE and other Level 2 learning in a range of subjects for students in years 10 and 11.

These personalised programmes of study provide students with the best possibility for them to be able to be ready for their onwards post-16 destinations, whether that be work, college or a Sixth Form.


Following the pandemic, we have received a higher number of referrals for both part time support and some much less intensive 1:1 support for very vulnerable students.  We now offer tutoring in a wide range of core and option subjects to support students in getting back on track with their learning and gap filling ready for GCSE exams.  This provision is bespoken to the needs of each student.

Outreach Support

We work with students in a number of Primary and Secondary mainstream schools supporting students in the mainstream setting with an aim to overcome their barriers to learning, address behaviour issues and support families in working collaboratively with the mainstream Schools and other agencies.

Focus Primary @ Two Bridges (based at Pagoda site TN4 9TX)

We work closely with the Primary Schools in the area to support with behaviour in school through our outreach workers.  We work with pupils and their families for a period of time in their mainstream school to overcome the barriers to learning and establish better habits for success.  Outreach workers link closely with the class teacher and assistants in schools to establish support strategies designed to impact the learning and behaviours for the referred pupil and keep them successfully in their classroom with peers as much as possible.

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