Across all keystages students are offered a range of supportive interventions to help make improvements to literacy and numeracy skills as well as behaviour management.

Keystage 4

Subject teachers at each Keystage 4 meet regularly to discuss specific needs of students collectively and agree in class interventions to boost literacy and numeracy levels across all the learning on a student’s timetable.  This individual learning plan will be discussed with the student and parent/carer and monitored closely by subject staff.

At the point of referral information is transferred from the mainstream home school giving any SEND strategies used previously and their relative impact.  In addition any personal learning plans are shared at this stage.

Where baseline measures show lower than expected levels of literacy or numeracy the mainstream home school is immediately contacted to discuss Examination Access Arrangements.  Where appropriate testing is completed and the required applications made to ensure students have full support of any additional arrangements available to them in achieving their best in the formal exams.  Any access arrangements allocated by an exam board are practiced on a regular basis during in class learning, ie if a laptop is permitted to be used in an exam for a student then this would be the chosen medium for producing work in class where available.

Behaviour Management

Pastoral managers and Outreach support Workers at each site take responsibility for developing, monitoring and reviewing the behaviour intervention planning for students.  This program would be discussed with parents/carers and the student and where appropriate would include the work of outside agencies or referrals to additional specialist support.

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