Attendance and Absence

It is expected that many students will improve their school attendance during their placement at Two Bridges School to the national expectation of 93%+ each term.

Any student with below 85% attendance will be closely monitored in conjunction with KCC attendance support staff.

Attendance is monitored closely on a termly basis by the Head Teacher and is reported to students, parents/ carers and the home schools weekly. In addition attendance is a standard item on the Management Committee agenda.

If a student accumulates a number of late marks or shows poor attendance patterns, parents or carers will be informed by letter and this is followed by support strategy meetings in which the local authority agency might need to be involved.

Our current attendance levels for this year show the following:

Student Cohorts2014-152015-162016-172017-182018-19*2019-20
All students83% 87.4% 90.5% 90% 90% 78%
Male83% 88% 93% 91% 91% 84%
Female83% 85.1% 85.1%89% 88% 66%
Primary99% 96.3% 98% 98% 97.4%  
Year 1080% 83% 91% 83% 85% 61%
Year 1188% 89% 80.4% 86% 87% 78%

* Impacted by Covid

Parents and Carers MUST inform Two Bridges School of any absences by 9.00am on the following numbers:

  • For Focus Charles Street Please call :  01892 519841
  • For Keystage 4 Pagoda Please Call : 01732 373540
  • CEOP - A National Crime Agency Command
  • Kent Teaching School Hub - Evidence, Expertise, Excellence
  • Click here for Safer Recruitment Policy